EnzymeML Base Class#

pydantic model pyenzyme.enzymeml.core.enzymemlbase.EnzymeMLBase[source]#

Bases: BaseModel

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   "title": "EnzymeMLBase",
   "type": "object",
   "properties": {}

  • validate_all: bool = True

  • validate_assignment: bool = True

classmethod fromJSON(json_string)[source]#
json(indent: int = 2, **kwargs)[source]#

Generate a JSON representation of the model, include and exclude arguments as per dict().

encoder is an optional function to supply as default to json.dumps(), other arguments as per json.dumps().

static set_kinetic_model(model, reaction, enzmldoc) None[source]#

Sets the kinetic model of the reaction and in addition converts all units to UnitDefs.

  • model (KineticModel) – Kinetic model that has been derived.

  • enzmldoc (EnzymeMLDocument) – The EnzymeMLDocument that holds the reaction.